Please note that any orders placed between 9th-28th February 2022 will be dispatched on Tuesday 1st March 2022.


Designed for removing weed, including blanket weed and other debris, the Castable Weed Rake is excellent at finding gravel bars, and other irregularities on the lake bed.

Complementing the Stealth Weed Rake, which is excellent at clearing large areas of weed, The Castable Weed Rake excels at clearing areas known to be hotspots, or finding areas that could become hotspots. Weighing just 3.5 oz, the casting accuracy is equivalent to casting out a rig.
We have found the best method to stir up the bottom with this rake, is to cast out to the desired spot, then snatch back a few times to stir up the bottom.


Check out the short video of the Castable Weed Rake in action.

Castable Weed Rake