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Heavy duty industrial work/welding bench, for use when welding or working with heavy work piece.


Dimensions   2 metres x 70cm x 85cm high  (exact to be confirmed)


This is the size of the bench in the photo but we will make to your specifications.


The bench is constructed from 50 x 3 box section with open steel flooring top so when welding the gases and spottles mainly fall away without you breathing them in, which is a good feature when TIG welding.


Another benefit to this top is it allows light to come from below and above so when marking out it makes life easier.  Also the bench has 5 legs to keep the bed flat and level without using a massive heavy steel top. The extra leg stops the bench from ever sagging.


The benches are made to order, and made to your specifications, please contact for a quote we can make a bench to suit your needs


The cost of the bench shown in the picture would be £750 

Heavy Duty Industrial Welding Bench

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